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Haunted House Estate Agent Video

This is hillarious!

How to get your own back on an estate agent if they have annoyed you! Watch these estate agents run for the door as they are scared out of the property by the former dead tenant.

15 Steps To Sell Your House In 7 Days

Recently I came across this video about ways to sell your house quickly. There are loads of gems in here that your Estate Agent won’t tell you.

If you want to buy a house and sell it for a profit quickly this video is for you!

Good Estate Agents in Feltham

Feltham has a college and is an up and coming areaKnowing how to choose good estate agents in Feltham can make a very big difference when it comes to selling your house. A good estate agent can help you get a really good price for your house  and above market rate if they know the area well. Here below are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for a good estate agent in the Feltham and London suburb areas:

-Do a short list of estate agents

-Ask for recommendations: A personal recommendation is usually very good. Ask friends, family, or neighbors to recommend a good estate agent, maybe one they have dealt with before, or one with a good reputation.

-Look within your locality: Staying local is the best option. This is because local agents are very familiar with the area, and they can easily meet prospective buyers

– If your property is unusual or very expensive, it best to look for a national estate agent who specialises in the same type of property you want to sell.

– Ensure the estate agent deals with the same type of property as yours. The best way to go about this is to make sure there are properties similar to yours in the window.

– Pay a visit to various estate agents while pretending you are interested in buying a house similar to the one you are selling.

Seek to establish whether they are competent and professional. Additionally, ask yourself o if they impressed you?

-In most cases, a good agent will invest in marketing in order to ensure they get good prices. On the contrary, a poor one will just wait for customers to visit them.

-Consider the viewing policy of the estate agent. The agency which accompanies buyers even when you are out is a good one. Every time they get potential buyers, they should call you and send them straight away.

-Come up with a list of about three agents and invite them to do a valuation of your property.

-Find out about their capability

-Do they have any professional qualifications in estate agency or sales qualifications?

– Do they belong to any professional trade association, including the National association of Estate Agents, or the Guild of Professional Estate Agents?

-Do they work over the weekend? If they don’t, it means they are less accessible to potential buyers.

-How do they intend to market your property?

– If they are going to market your property online, ensure they are using the following portals: Prime location, Rightmove, and Zoopla. This will give your property large exposure.

-Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the valuation they give you. You need to be aware that you are the one who has the right to decide

how much you want to sell your property. The ability of any agent to sell your property is not determined by the valuation they give. Go for those who give a realistic valuation.

-How much will they charge you?

The normal charges lie between 1 to 3% of the price you are selling your property. This does not include VAT. This is for a sole agency agreement.

These are some of the important considerations when you are looking for good estate agents.