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The business start-up loan is a credit granted by a bank and intended for the creation or takeover of a business. It aims at improving the initial financing of a company (between 0 and 3 years) by answering the problems generated by the lack of own funds. It is intended primarily to finance the cash flow of the company in question and to limit the risk of failure related to a cash flow of a small amount.

In this sense, the business start-up loan is a loan whose purpose is to support newly created companies by enabling them to set up working capital and cover their start-up costs. It can also help finance the acquisition of goodwill.

Who can benefit?

Who can benefit ?


The business start-up loan can be requested either by companies or by individual companies. The company must either be in the creation phase, that is to say have an existence of less than 3 years. If you want to take over a company, you should know that those who are in recovery or liquidation are not eligible.

All economic sectors can benefit from this type of loan, except for agricultural sector companies, financial intermediaries and real estate promotion or leasing companies. The company can employ up to 10 employees. If the company already exists at the time of the credit subscription, its last balance sheet must not be negative.

Among the other eligibility criteria is that the company has not yet benefited from a medium-term or long-term bank loan and that its financial needs do not exceed € 45,000. The creator of the company must not be banned from banking and he must lead only this company.

The financial arrangements

The financial arrangements

The business creation loan makes it possible to borrow between 2000 and 7000 euros. It is imperatively accompanied by a medium or long-term bank loan whose amount is at least twice. Specific rules apply in sensitive urban areas (ZUS): obligation to take out a bank loan at least equal to the amount.

The business start-up loan is for a period of 5 years, the repayment of the capital and interest benefiting from a grace period of 6 months. Repayment takes the form of constant monthly payments. The rate of the PCE is equal to that of the bank loan associated with it.

Subscription to a business start-up loan does not require a guarantee or personal guarantee. To benefit from this type of credit, just contact one of the main banks, but it is also possible to go through a network to help start businesses, such as chambers of trades and businesses. crafts, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, France Initiative or the Entreprendre Network.


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