I’m in debt – Consolidation of Debts

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Croats are in a much worse financial situation than their counterparts in other EU countries. The income is not enough for a normal life, and the costs are increasing every day. A lot of citizens can dream about holidays. The saddest of all is the depiction of more than 300,000 blocked citizens whose lives have changed their lives. I’m in debt – many of us have thought in at least one part of life, but the question to ask is how to get out of them.

Prevention lies in the adoption of financial literacy

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Prevention is the most important step, but still not appreciated in ours. Financial literacy is at a low level, while other EU countries are learning from their infants how to manage money wisely. This has only recently started with us, and it will take some time for the education to be successful. The most important thing is to learn how to spend money reasonably and how to create a fund for black days. This way, you will not be in a state where you will only be remembered ” in debt “.

I’m in debt, I can’t sleep because of this – a scenario well known to many people. The first step to getting out of debt is to change your lifestyle. Many are not prepared to face this because it means they will have to give up some things. If all you think about is how you are in debt, you have to sacrifice some things to get out of them.

Try the little things that won’t put too much pressure on you to give up. Drink coffee at home before work, do not buy bottled water, but bring it with you to work – these little things on a monthly basis save your home budget. The few hundred kunas you can save on such trifles can be diverted into paying down the minus.

Reduce all debts under one credit obligation

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Once your expenses and expenditures are in order, the rest of your debts can be repaid online with the fast loans that credit houses have to offer. These are simple and fast solutions that allow you to underline all the minuses and credits under one obligation. In this way, various fees are reduced.

These credit options allow you to repay current account balances and any remaining accumulated debts. The money is paid within 24 hours of submission of the application, and the complete realization goes exclusively online. Only copies of ID and current account cards are required from the documentation. It’s quick and easy – and the phrase ” I’m in debt ” will become a thing of the past.